Monday, July 24, 2017

Sparse Numbers

I just completed my Codility test, and one of my solutions ran slowly. Unfortunately, I am unable to find out where the bottleneck might be (its hard to cover all possible test cases within a limited time).

But I think it might be the way I get the next sparse number. My Java implementation is below.

     * @param i assume i to be sparse.
     * @return
    private int getNextSparse(int i) {

        int mask = 0b11;
        int shift = 0;
        while ((i & (mask << shift)) != 0) {

        return (i & (0b11111111_11111111_11111111_11111111 << shift)) | (1 << shift);

I hope to have a YouTube video out to explain all the above soon. (edit: the YouTube vide is here)

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