Monday, July 24, 2017

Sparse Numbers

I just completed my Codility test, and one of my solutions ran slowly. Unfortunately, I am unable to find out where the bottleneck might be (its hard to cover all possible test cases within a limited time).

But I think it might be the way I get the next sparse number. My Java implementation is below.

     * @param i assume i to be sparse.
     * @return
    private int getNextSparse(int i) {

        int mask = 0b11;
        int shift = 0;
        while ((i & (mask << shift)) != 0) {

        return (i & (0b11111111_11111111_11111111_11111111 << shift)) | (1 << shift);

I hope to have a YouTube video out to explain all the above soon. (edit: the YouTube vide is here)

Codility Lessons

Recently I've had to do a Codility ( test while applying for a job. It seems to be a pretty popular website (I just been told to do another test today!).

So before I did the test, I tried some of the Tasks in their Lessons, and they were pretty fun. So I'm going to try some of the more interesting looking tasks. I've posted my solutions to GitHub (here) and YouTube (here).

Obviously this is a work in progress, but I'll try to post as many of my solutions as possible.