Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dune HD "Error: file can't be played"

I recently got a "Error: file can't be played" when I tried to play a file in my Dune HD player (it was working less than 12 hours ago).

How I solved it was to re-flash my firmware. It doesn't seem to have any adverse effect besides wasting my time. Here's how I did it in my Dune HD.

  1. Go to "Setup -> Miscellaneous -> Firmware Upgrade"
  2. Select "Check Available Updates"
  3. It tells me "no new firmware version available" (If there is a new firmware, I'd suggest upgrading. If so, you can ignore the below steps.)
  4. Select "Show all versions".
  5. Select the current version (it stated there "current")
  6. Select "Upgrade"


Player: Dune HD Smart B1
Player purchased in: 2012
Player firmware: 121018_0846

NAS: Synology DS212

1 comment:

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