Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"An internal build error has occurred. Right-click for more information"

This has to be the most irritating compiler error description ever in the Flex compiler in Flash Builder 4 for Eclipse.

I opened up the "error log" view in Eclipse, and saw that Macromedia (now Adobe)'s parser was throwing an exception "java.lang.ClassCastException: macromedia.asc.parser.MetaDataEvaluator$KeyValuePair cannot be cast to macromedia.asc.parser.MetaDataEvaluator$KeylessValue"

No help there.

I then found the issue. In my case, it was a bad coding that was actually valid syntax:

private var fileLoadIsComplete = Boolean = false;

This should be 

private var fileLoadIsComplete : Boolean = false;

My only advice is to start commenting out recent code until you find the offending line that caused the "internal build error".

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