Friday, February 4, 2011

Add JVM options to Glassfish

I want to add a JVM option to Glassfish, so that when it will always start with the JVM option. Let's just say I want to add the below JVM option:


2 ways to do it:

Glassfish Admin Console
By using the Glassfish Admin Console, we can easily add the required option. Just:

  1. go to http://my.glassfish.url:4848/ (the default port is 4848),
  2. login
  3. on the left select "Application Server"
  4. select the tab "JVM Settings"
  5. select the sub-tab "JVM Options"
  6. add your option there

XML Config
Go to the following Glassfish path on the file system:
and edit the file domain.xml. Within that XML is an element called <java-config>. Within that element, add a child <jvm-options> with the option like so:



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