Thursday, January 27, 2011

Observer Design Pattern in Flex

Nice post here. A little ivory tower-ish, but interesting all the same.

Basically says, for the intents and purposes of those of us who actually do the coding, the Events system in Flex is the built-in Observer pattern.

We need to use more Observer-based custom components in Flex. Especially since Flex expects us to do so. I'm halfway through a pretty nice project right now, and I regret not taking the time to make my custom components. Instead, everything is now in 1 application MXML with custom components that are "1 level deep" if you get my meaning. I used to have the notion that, if code isn't sharable, then I can refactor that into a custom component later; let me just get it working first. 

I think now that even if code isn't sharable, I still need to create a new custom component. I need to dare to go deeper than "1 deep". For my sanity's sake.

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